Become a Real Estate Broker

Training requirements to become a real estate broker

In Quebec, the real estate broker profession is governed by the Real Estate Brokerage Act. The Organisme d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec (OACIQ) is responsible to ensure that all members of the profession comply with the rules and regulations of the Act.

Requirements to join the profession in Quebec

The candidate must hold a valid licence delivered by the OACIQ to act as a real estate broker. To obtain a licence, you must meet the eligibility conditions and follow these steps:

  • Successfully complete the mandatory training program in one of the educational institutions recognized by the OACIQ
  • Pass the OACIQ certification examination
  • Complete a consent form for the verification of criminal record.

The OACIQ may refuse to deliver a licence to anyone declared guilty by a court of an offense or criminal act that, in the opinion of the OACIQ, relates to the practice of real estate brokerage activities.

The 6 basic requirements

In addition to the education program usually leading to an A.C.S. (Attestation of College Studies), you must also:

  • Have a high school diploma;
  • Master the French language (English is an asset);
  • Have basic knowledge of maths and computers;
  • Hold a valid driver’s licence;
  • Be readily available (evenings, week-ends and sometimes Holidays);
  • Keep your brokerage licence active (yearly renewal).

An overview of the courses:

  • Career Analysis and Business Management
  • Real Estate Law
  • Real Estate Law II
  • Real Estate Appraisal I
  • Real Estate Appraisal II
  • Real Estate Mathematics
  • Real Estate Brokerage Act
  • Drafting of Contracts and Documents
  • Synthesis Workshop


Want to know more ?


Institutions offering the real estate training program

This training program is for people who are interested in real estate and dream of a dynamic career.

In Quebec, more than twenty (20) institutions offer the real estate brokerage program, and some of them offer a flexible and unique model that promotes a good WORK-FAMILY-STUDIES balance.

Teaching method Schedule Language
In class Day, evening English, French
On line Evening English, French
Distance learning At your pace French only

These programs will not only empower future real estate brokers to enforce the brokerage laws and regulations, but also to act as real entrepreneurs who care as much about the human (communication, customer service, etc.), the technical and ethical aspects of the profession than about the operational side of it (management, marketing, sale, advertising, accounting, etc.)

Attestation of College Studies (A.C.S.), offered by CEGEPs. The total duration ranges between 390 and 570 hours, it is generally offered full-time day/evening, depending on the institution. Cost: from $850*

The Attestation of College Studies (A.C.S.) in Residential Real Estate Brokerage offered by the Collège de l'immobilier du Québec consists in 360 hours of courses and is generally offered part-time (27 weeks), day, evening, French or English, in class or virtual. Cost: from $4,195*

The Attestation of College Studies in Residential Real Estate Brokerage offered by the Collège d'enseignement en immobilier is a 360-hour program (20 weeks) generally offered part-time, day/evening, in French or in English, in class, distance learning or Internet (virtual class). Cost: $4,650* *prices subject to change without notice

Government financial assistance

Several college level programs meet the requirements of the Quebec Loans and Bursaries Program, especially for part-time student. Please refer to your institution to find out about the help programs they offer.

You already have a diploma or equivalent professional experience?

Please refer to your institution to determine if you are eligible for recognition of prior learning and competencies.

Development programs

The 2 following programs do not lead to an OACIQ real estate licence, but they allow increasing your knowledge of real estate.

Undergraduate real estate programs:

If you want to be sponsored by a successful broker or agency executive during your studies, or wish to attend an OACIQ exam preparation class, apply for mentoring.

Good luck with your studies… and see you soon!

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