Become a Real Estate Broker

The OACIQ certification exam (Organisme d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec)

Once the mandatory training is completed, you must prepare for the OACIQ exam, which will measure your skills and knowledge through simulations and case studies.


  • Fill out the application form for the exam and pay the fees
  • Receive your notification to attend the exam by mail
  • Register to the exam preparation class
  • Write the exam
  • Get the exam result 30 days later
  • Successful! Immediately apply for a brokerage licence
  • Licence on hand, start your prolific career at Sutton!

How the certification exam works

The exam is done in 7 hours, spread in 2 days, each of a 3 ½-hour session. You must attend both days, otherwise, your exam will be deemed as incomplete and your final score will be a fail.

The purpose of the exam is to determine whether the candidate is able to complete a real estate transaction and to act in accordance with the professional standards of real estate brokerage.

The evaluation is based on fictitious scenarios that would happen in real life. The response might automatically be assessed as a fail if the reviewer finds that one of the answers listed would jeopardize the transaction or go against the protection of the public (wrong form, reference to incorrect regulation, etc.)

You may take the exam in English but you will have to demonstrate a knowledge level of the French language equal to or higher than a third year of secondary school.

The certification exam is usually written at the OACIQ office.

Prepare adequately!

A failed exam involves costs and delays to rewrite it. Contact us so we can assist you in preparing for your exam!

Conditions for the issuance of the OACIQ licence

Once you graduated and passed the exam, it is essential to be in good standing and protect yourself before starting your exciting career in real estate.

  • The future broker needs a statement from an agency executive officer
  • A criminal background check must be completed
  • There is a cost for the issuance of the licence

In addition, professional general liability insurance will cover you in case of a dispute. For example, for construction defects not observed at the time of sale, or errors in negotiating or drafting contracts. This insurance is mandatory and indispensable because of the amounts involved in real estate transactions.

To find out about the costs related to a brokerage licence, please contact the OACIQ.

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