Become a Real Estate Broker

Employment perspectives

In Quebec, 14 268 people hold a residential real estate broker or certified real estate broker licence.


The broker’s compensation is based on his productivity and efforts. A new broker will incur several expenses even before earning his first dollar. In the beginning, income is unstable and might not match what you expected. You might have to wait a few months for your first compensation, commonly called “commission”.

Plan for this by building a start-up fund; it will be very useful at the start of your career to cover your expenses.

The average annual income of a real estate broker is higher than $50,000

Fixed costs of a real estate broker

Consider these expenses when you build your start-up fund:

  • Annual brokerage licence
  • Agency fee
  • Real Estate Board membership

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Professional perspectives

The employment rate in the real estate industry is higher than the average rate for all professions. Professional perspectives for this job category are rated favorable by Emploi Québec.

Ready to take the challenge?

The breadth of the broker’s job is huge, but the level of satisfaction you will draw from it will be equally rewarding; it is an exciting profession that deserves to be taken seriously. Remember that in order to be convincing, you must master real estate from the start. By developing your skills, you will keep improving your professional path and ensure a successful career.

Furthermore, successful brokers are those who continue developing their skills in order to respond to the needs of a constantly evolving market. Several training activities are offered by the OACIQ, but also by Sutton agencies.

Continuing education is fundamental: to shine among the best and be able to offer unparalleled service to your clients, you must continuously adapt and be on the lookout. If you keep pushing your boundaries, you will never stop growing!

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