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Become a broker

The only true formula with 100% remuneration for the broker

With over 8,000 real estate brokers in over 200 offices, Sutton has a strong presence everywhere in Canada.

Definitely the best quality/price/support value for a successful career!

At Sutton, we put the emphasis on your uniqueness! We believe that you can be part of a large network without sacrificing your personal goals. Be yourself!

Whether your goal is to become the most performing real estate broker in your area, or to make a part-time career out of real estate, our brokers really appreciate the benefits at Sutton.

Our brokers are passionate about real estate, and they fulfill themselves through real estate. Sutton, Realtors at Heart!

  • The only true 100% remuneration formula
  • Continuous training program
  • Leader in technological tools
  • Performing and non-competitive agency executive officers
  • The Soon at Home program exclusive to Sutton
  • Spirit of co-operation
  • Exclusive mortgage agents
  • Free circulation in our 200 offices across Canada
  • No-penalty contract
Brokers set their own work schedule and income objectives. They are their own boss. How to become a real estate broker ? You are a real estate broker and you are thinking about Sutton?

Be a winning real estate broker

Real estate brokers need the right tools to perform. At Sutton, everything is to your advantage…Besides the site, one of the most browsed in Quebec, here is a brief overview of who we are and what we offer.

Well established

Sutton did not forget the philosophy behind its phenomenal growth since the set up in Canada in 1986, and in Quebec, in 1995. The Sutton system was first designed to attract a wide variety of professionals for whom the freedom to choose and use its services warrants the success of everyone. Even if Sutton offers all the facilities of a full-service organization, brokers are free to choose the services that meet their specific needs. The successful history of Sutton and the constant increase in brokers both confirm the effectiveness of the system.

Structure and Training by the Book

Sutton’s mission is to educate its realtors to become a reference in real estate for their clients. Sutton brokers continuously improve their skills in real estate, sales, marketing and technology. By combining training and technology, you are ready to respond to the demands of an ever-changing industry. With a training program designed according to the rules, our brokers keep ahead of the competition.

Well "connected"

Technology is increasingly leading the business world. We stay ahead of technology so that you do not have to worry about this!

In addition to benefiting from an intranet of cutting-edge technology, a performing personal website, a content plan for social networks, an email address and a domain to their name, Sutton brokers have access to an online referral network that allows receiving electronic customer requests directly on their mobile and follow-up modules. The long-term benefits of developing this wide database are significant for real estate brokers.

Looking Ahead

Sutton’s innovative marketing strategies continue to create unique opportunities for its members. Exclusive financial products and efficient distribution networks will guarantee their success.

Sutton real estate brokers are positioned to meet the needs and wishes of today’s consumers. By considering these people as an essential resource and focusing on building strong relationships, Sutton will continue to revolutionize the real estate industry through service excellence and quality brokers.

Committed to the Community

We believe in improving, reinforcing and giving back to the communities in which we work. Through the years, Sutton has helped raise millions of dollars in local communities. The website highlights the story of those brokers who devote themselves to their community. Visit the Sutton Spirit web page to find out more about our committed brokers.

We invested over 30 years in a brand recognized and respected by Canadians. Use it to your advantage!
Becoming a broker at Sutton is the best choice for a stimulating career in real estate. You get more money, more freedom, more control and more services.
Sutton lets you increase your credibility and earn more listings thanks to its exclusive Soon At Home™ platform. Sutton brokers have access to a broad range of tools and resources. Join Sutton now, and enjoy real estate services you won't find anywhere else.